The ILR staff includes experts in the areas of workplace safety, transitional services for young adults, adolescent independent living and social science research through both direct and indirect service. We also employ young adults who are involved in our programming and with the range of area universities, we enjoy having interns serve ILR and our sister organization, SaySo. The young adults we employ and interns learn from also keep our team "on our toes!" Our team approach to all our projects make ILR a wonderful place to work and learn.  

The organization is managed by the ILR Executive Team:

William V. Griffin, MSW, MPA, CEO

Bill has over a million years of experience and knowledge in the social service field including direct service, teaching, and public administration. He started Brendan Associates in 1984 (everyone has to name a company after their child) and ILR in 1987. Over the years, has created a range of resources and publications related to workplace safety and adolescent independent living. He also served on the federal committee responsible for the first independent living initiative passed in 1986.  As CEO, Bill also is the principal investigator for all ILR federal grants and therefore responsible for the overall dysfunction of the company. Often known as the guru of independent living, Bill has finally found his "happy place" on the golf course. His staff frequently encourages him to "go green."

Raymond S. Kirk, PhD., Director of Research and Program Evaluation

Ray has to his credit numerous research publications and assessments because he is so damn smart. He leads the ILR team on "all things statistics" and can interpret even the most obscure numbers. Before joining ILR, Ray was a full professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a contract partner on a number of ILR federal research projects. In 2005, Ray decided to lower his blood pressure and officially join ILR as Director of Research. He is the company story teller, our Renaissance man, pilot, and has a way with animals.

Nancy Carter, MSW, ACSW, ILR Executive Director

Nancy has been with ILR since 1993 and serves as Executive Director, which means she brings a female perspective to management. Her vita includes a long and extensive social work career of working with adolescents in residential treatment, pregnancy support services, counseling, independent living, and community advocacy. Nancy also served as Executive Director of SaySo (Strong Able Youth Speaking Out) for 16 years before proudly turning that role to Lauren Zingraff. SaySo is a youth driven advocacy organization of young people in North Carolina who are or have been in substitute care. Nancy coordinates all ILR projects including federal NIH grants and those related to youth programming, training, and consulting/contract services provided by ILR. In addition to her professional commitment to help youths reach self-sufficiency, Nancy has practiced teaching life skills at home with two sons who are now both self-sufficient and gainfully employed (whew!).

Carmelita Coleman, MSW, SaySo, Inc. Executive Director 

SaySo is pleased to announce that on August 10, 2015, Carmelita Coleman joined us as SaySo’s Executive Director. She was a previous LINKS coordinator in Forsyth County for many years before becoming a supervisor there. During the last year, she was an independent contractor and most recently a supervisor in Davie County. Carmelita’s combined experience as a previously licensed foster parent,  LINKS Coordinator and as a SaySo Adult Advisor will help her jump into our activities and programming very quickly. You can reach her at 919-384-1457 and

When asked about her new position as Executive Director with SaySo, Inc., Ms. Carmelita said, “I feel specifically charged and dedicated to create a tapestry of opportunities throughout the state for youth and youth adults involved with SaySo with the hopes that these experiences will facilitate a positive change in their journey of having to be in out of home care. I will do this  by supporting the SaySo Board of Directors in their goals of re-engaging alumni, building stronger collaborative partnerships, and engaging more youth to develop more Sayso chapters in NC.”

Debbie Cornell, Administrative Assistant 

Every company has someone who "holds everything together." For us, that someone is Debbie. She has been with ILR since 2005 and knows many of our customers by name or voice recognition. Debbie is invaluable to both ILR and SaySo! She manages customer services and our customers love her. She grabs the heart of every staff member, young adult, or intern that passes our doorway and always remembers your birthday!

Gabrielle Foushee, SaySo Program Assistant 

Gabby joined our team in July 2014 and was quickly found to be indispensable. Her energy level rivals our most historic "ILR energizer bunnies" and her competence is displayed regularly at our SaySo events. When not running around at a youth event, Gabby is often found answering the phones and coordinating details for events at the ILR/SaySo offices. When not at ILR, Gabby runs another non-profit mentoring teenage girls in her community.

Kyle Reece, Communications Specialist

Kyle joined ILR and SaySo in July 2014. After 13 months, Kyle decided to focus on school and recieve his Associates In Arts at Durham Technical Community College. Starting August 2016, he rejoined both organizations, and will continue where he left off administrating our websites and social media feeds, creating promotional material, help with IT in the office, as well as assist at SaySo events. Kyle plans to recieve his B.A. in Communications and is very excited to gain valuable work experience at ILR and SaySo.