ILR has been conducting professional trainings both statewide and nationally since 1987. 

In recent years, ILR has been utilizing interactive online course to help meet the needs of the workforce while reduce training costs associated with travel, time, and materials. We even permit users to have forever access to the online programs for future reference, to use with young adults, and to refresh your learning. Once you purchase the program it is forever yours to access - along with the updates! What a deal!

We recommend you review some of our online programs:

  • Real World SimulationAn online interactive program (training, Real World Toolkit, and Interactive Timeline) to help communities coordinate a Real World Simulation program for teens and young adults. 

  • Working Safe Working Smart - A multi-media curriculum for human service staff on Personal and Workplace Safety. Agencies can use the DVD or online versions or a blended approach of online with classroom discussion.

If you are interested in hiring our staff to provide training on issues related to youths in transition or workplace safety, please contact Nancy Carter.