Win a $20 gift certificate for you or your program!
It's easy and fun!    Make it a group or class project.
Submit a video demonstrating how you are using ILR products. 
Videos chosen will be broadcast on the product page and ILR YouTube Channel.


Here's How:

1. Choose any product ILR currently sells. 

2. Film a video of yourself demonstrating/explaining how this product helps you (either in the classroom, at home, in the community, etc.)

3. Save the video. Either upload it to youtube, email us the link, or email us the file directlty. 

4. We will contact you within 3 days of submission regarding your status!


Here are some helpful tips:

Try to keep the video under 2 minutes. 

If you use a phone or a camcorder, make sure you have enough space.

Make sure you have good lighting, and that background noises are minimal (if at all).

Gift Certificates can be used on any ILR items. 

Feel free to email us if you have questions on how to send us the video.