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“Working Safe, Working Smart” is a five-unit training program on workplace safety. The focus of this training is on the interaction between staff and clients or the general public. The training presents an approach for determining safety needs within an agency and identifying a broad outline of areas that might require safety planning.                                                                               

WsWs comes in two major formats - a recently revised interactive eLearning format and as an agency-wide Curriculum License.

eLearning is available for individuals or group purchase and this online, interactive experience features printable handouts and reference materials as well as providing the user with the capability to report completion of the course to a sponsoring agency or supervisor via e-mail. A certificate is available for printing at the conclusion of the curriculum. Time to completion is approximately four hours.

The Licensing alternative provides complete training packages with a master video DVD and PowerPoint presentation, a CD-ROM that contains a master of the Participant’s Manual for easy reproduction, and a detailed Trainer’s Manual. This format is intended for purchase by agencies under a perpetual use license. The format provides an agency with the resources for provision of live on site training for all staffs and is delivered by an agency trainer or consultant.

Who should take this training?

The intended audience for this training is wide-ranging—from direct service frontline staff to supervisors, managers, and administrators. The curriculum is comprised of five units; Introduction, Field Safety, Office Safety, Interviewing, and Post-Incident.

Program Purpose

The program’s purpose is to stimulate thinking about personal safety. It attempts to represent staff concerns in a concise and focused manner. The overriding theme is planning—planning for individual agency action when resources are limited, yet action is needed.

Program Objectives

  • To increase the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of staff in the recognition and early detection of emotionally charged situations (reports or cases) and teach them brief risk assessment techniques. This would:     
  • Increase the assessment ability during early contact.      
  • Prevent exacerbation in some cases.      
  • Allow appropriate further referral in other cases. (For example, team field visits and the use of law enforcement and security personnel.)
  • To improve the knowledge, skills and attitude of staff members in the use of crisis intervention methods to defuse or channel client’s aggressive or hostile behaviors into more productive and therapeutic non-physical actions.

Curriculum Licensing fees are based on the number of employees in an agency, while the e-Learning program fees are based on the number of users. The respective programs offer proportional discounts. Individual e-Learning users can purchase WsWs and gain immediate access to the course. Bulk purchases of two or more users can be made and login codes will be provided within 48 hours. The following links will take you to the order pages (and pricing) for both formats. FOR one user eLearning and FOR multiple users eLearning Multi-User and FOR a basic license Curriculum License and FOR Multi-Employee License Multi Curriculum License.

Program Access 

Users will have access to the eLearning program for 90 days from initial date of use. Users can review supporting materials and handouts for the 90 days from initial use.

Online Training System Licensing

Does your agency have an online training system? Working Safe Working Smart eLearning is now available for transfer to your online system under license from ILR. Staff will be able to access the curriculum for the latest personal safety information 24/7. This is an excellent way to control costs while receiving the benefits of staff training in a most remarkable way – ONLINE/OnDemand! If you would like more information on how this program can be placed on your system contact ILR.

You must purchase a subscription to access WSWS e-Learning.

Please contact us with any questions or for bulk purchases or if you need to use a purchase order..

We offer a "Resource Guide on Personal Safety for Administrators and Other Personnel - Hard Copy or in  PDF Format".  This 120-page safety handbook presents a comprehensive outline for developing an agency personal safety program. Sample safety policies and procedures are included. Guidelines encapsulate over 15 years of research and experience with agencies nationwide; health departments, mental health, social and human services, and juvenile justice. There are twelve detailed sections:


     We have available the pocket size "Personal Safety Handbook"  This compact guide gives practical suggestions to human services staff on managing personal safety.