Independent Living Group Activities Volume III

Independent Living Group Activities Volume III

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Volume III has 7 activities! The text contains independent living group activities created by teams of North Carolina social workers specializing in teaching life skills to adolescents in substitute care. They were edited and compiled by ILR, Inc., to benefit other social workers conducting groups with adolescents. The activities were developed using ILR guidelines for establishing new group activities. 

  1. To identify community resources that match the need of the activity. 
  2. To keep the activity to 1 to 2 hours.
  3. To include all stages of activity development, including publicity and resource development. 
  4. To consider the best time of the year to run the activity. 
  5. To establish all facets of setup; such as location, refreshments, time of day, and room arrangements. 
  6. To describe in detail each segment of the activity; participant gathering, topic development, and closing. 
  7. To include some form of evaluation: written, verbal, or group response (for each activity offer some questions to be answered either verbally or in writing.
  8. To develop a backup plan and adjustments to the activity should unexpected changes occur in location, number of planned participants, speaker, etc. 
  9. To plan how to show appreciation for involvement of community resources. 
  10. To include youth in all aspects of the group activity. 

Each of the activities follow these guidelines and should be helpful as you plan the activity for your group. It is important to note that some activities utilize materials from published works. In such cases, the resource is cited with the information on how to obtain the material. 

Best Use: With adolescent groups, as an outline to create your own activities, classroom, retreats, conferences.